About me

I am a book collector, bibliomaniac and book enthusiast from a small country called Slovenia. To my knowledge, there aren’t many book-collector bloggers around these parts, and I want to fill in this gap by posting about the history of books and libraries in Slovenia, and in Central and Eastern Europe more generally. Due to the convoluted history of this area, it’s hard to write about Slovenian books without touching on Italian, German, Croatian and other cultures at the same time; hence also the decision to write in English. Like everyone who owns a library (to paraphrase Borges), I often feel a need to justify it, and writing about my books provides such a justification.

Apart from the “book collecting” category, this blog also belongs to the “true crime” category. A special interest of mine, and the reason behind this blog’s name, is the life and death of individual books. Burning books is usually associated with Nazism and the Spanish Inquisition, but book destruction (libricide) has been practiced throughout history, and is probably more common today than it ever was. I was always interested in reading a blog which focused on the history of libricide, and since I haven’t found one yet, I figured I might as well start my own.

Unlike many other blogs, this one comes with a moral. The moral is that destroying books is bad and that for every obscure book out there, there is a collector who would love to possess it. This goes especially for the sort of unremarkable-looking old paperbacks, brochures, bound magazines and similar objects that often pass under the radar. Countless beautiful and important books are being tossed out and destroyed every day by ignorant owners, and with them goes a part of the world’s history. It is thanks to an often ignored cast of activists, bibliomaniacs and dumpster divers that at least part of this heritage is saved from the paper mills. I would like my writing, lastly, to serve as a nod to these heroes of the book world.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Pozdravljeni !
    Lepo in zanimivo mi je bilo branje o Marku Pohlinu. Moram priznati, da sem iskala vzrok smrti Marka Pohlina in čeprav tega podatka nisem našla, sem naletela na vaše zanimivo pisanje.
    Hvala za lepe trenutke !


    • Hvala za spodbudne besede, in me veseli, da vam je bil prispevek všeč! O vzroku Pohlinove smrti pa sem tudi sam ravnokar malo pobrskal, a nič pametnega ne najdem – morda niti sami takrat niso vedeli, kaj točno je bilo krivo..


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